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Unity It’s Every Christian’s Call

Kevin Almond has penned a much needed, last day exposition on the meaning of unity…for us to teach, share, and train the Church.

Glen Berteau, Pastor, The House Modesto, Modesto Calif.

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With the increasing turmoil in the world today it’s no wonder so many are talking about unity. In his new book, Unity It’s Every Christian’s Call, Vol. 1, Kevin Almond brings together the two hottest topics in Christianity today; Unity and Purpose.

In John 17:21-23, Jesus prayed for His followers to be one. In that same prayer, He also revealed that the very believe-ability of the Gospel to the world depends upon the unity of the Christian Church. He prayed, “…that they may be one as We are one…that the world may know that You have sent Me…” Not only is unity a crucial issue for the Church today but it also directly ties into God’s unique purpose for you. Unity It’s Every Christian’s Call reveals from a biblical perspective how the principles of unity are identical to God’s plan for your life.

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