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For over 30 years, Kevin Almond has worked with many different denominations as well as national and international ministry leaders. His efforts in encouraging and teaching the body of Christ how to walk in unity are well documented. Whether organizing citywide events, developing discipleship strategies for inner-city ministry involving various church denominations, or sitting on multiple committees with both community and church leaders, Kevin’s commitment is both refreshing and reassuring. He is a noted conference speaker and bible teacher that has spoken across denominational, gender, age and racial lines. Kevin and his wife Kathleen have been married for 35 yrs. and live in Ft. Worth Texas with their son Jonathan.


Some of Kevin’s accomplishments, qualifications and activities in ministry within the body of Christ are as follows:

Evangelism – In 1985, Kevin did his first evangelistic crusade geared toward teenagers, after having accepted Christ as his Savoir a year and a half earlier. He rented the local community center for two days, using all of the money he had at the time ($50), and he advertised the event. He built a platform to preach out of the scrap wood he collected from houses he was painting for local builders. Sixty people attended and one teenage girl gave her life to Christ.


Teaching – From 1986-87, Kevin taught Sunday school ages 7-10. He also co-taught a series of evangelism classes with his pastor that were geared toward helping people share their faith with the lost, in preparation for street ministry.


Youth Pastor – From 1985-1990 Kevin was a youth pastor under Pastor Robert Sawyer at Family Worship & Praise Center in Hopewell, VA. Kevin was also a youth camp counselor for teens for 3 years while youth pastoring. He continued to stay very active in the youth ministry at Living Word World Outreach Center through January 2001.


Speaking – In 1987 and 1988, Kevin was asked by a Bible college professor to come and speak to students encouraging them to continue to pursue the call of God on their lives.


Evangelism/Unity – In 1989, he did his first tent meeting involving youth groups from more than 12 different churches to promote unity in the body of Christ. Since that time, Kevin has been asked to speak in various churches across denominational and racial lines to promote unity.


Networking/Unity – For 2 years in the 1990’s, Kevin met twice a month with two different groups of local youth pastors to pray for the youth in the Richmond, VA metro area as well as for local ministries and churches.  He was also an active member of R.A.Y.M.A. (Richmond Area Youth Ministers Association).


Radio Host/Unity – In 1989-1990, Kevin had a radio program for teenagers on WDYL-92.1, which gave teens an opportunity to share their testimonies on the air and allowed them to minister to the needs of other teens in the listening audience.


Radio Guest/Unity – He has been interviewed on various radio and cable programs such as Viewpoint, Church Talk and The Reconciler to help promote unity in the body of Christ and to bring an awareness of the need to reach teens.


Promise Keepers/Unity – Kevin also served on the Promise Keepers’ task force, Men of Vision, in Richmond, VA which coordinated the Promise Keepers’ Richmond, Wake-Up Call event at the Richmond Classic Amphitheater in 1996, where approximately 4,000 men were in attendance.


Pioneering/Unity – In 1996, Kevin designed a prayer network to minister to the needs of people in any given city by praying for their needs as they called a central phone number published through a variety of media sources. Those that received ministry and the unchurched were guided to one of the participating churches based on the preference of the caller. The design of this prayer network encouraged church growth and unity in the body of Christ.


Chief Expo Coordinator/Unity – From 1993-1995, Kevin was the chief coordinator for the annual Christian Business and Ministry Family Expo. He oversaw 150 (plus) Christian businesses and ministries that came together for a two-day event, under one roof, to promote unity and to present their ministries and businesses to the Richmond, VA metro area.


Concert Promoter – Kevin has assisted in the organizing of concerts as well as spearheaded the organizing of concerts that featured local and national music ministries, such as Ron Kenoly and Bruce Carroll.


Copywriter/Unity – Kevin is also an accomplished copywriter. He has written radio spots for various national ministries such as Washington for Jesus ‘96’ (for their Virginia statewide youth rally) as well as for other crusades for other ministries. He has also written radio spots for Ron Luce’s Acquire the Fire conventions and for Rich Wilkerson of Peacemakers Ministries in conjunction with Washington for Jesus ‘96’. He’s also written commercials for Danny Chambers of High Praise Ministries as well as many local churches and ministries.


Rally Coordinator/Unity – Kevin was the Transportation Coordinator for the Richmond, VA metro area for Washington for Jesus ‘96’ and the coordinator for the Virginia statewide youth rally for Washington for Jesus ‘96’.


Steering Committee/Unity – He also served for 2 years on the steering committee for Common Ground, a group of local pastors and ministry leaders who came together once a month to pray for ministry leaders and the Richmond, VA, Tri-Cities area as a whole, in an effort to foster unity in the body of Christ.


Key Speaker/Unity – In May of 1997, Kevin was asked to be one of the key speakers on the National Day of Prayer at the state capitol in Richmond, VA. Each speaker was given a topic to speak on. Kevin’s topic was on the revival and reconciliation in our nation.


Prayer Coordinator/Unity – In 1998, he started a weekly prayer meeting for teens in the Richmond, VA Tri-Cities area (an area roughly the size of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex) on Saturday mornings from 7:30 am – 9:00 am. Dr. Edwin Louis Cole of the Christian Men’s Network and Pastor Danny Chambers of the Oasis Church in Nashville, Tennessee did radio spots for this weekly event.


Prison Ministry – Kevin has ministered multiple times to hurting teens in correctional facilities and institutions such as the Bon Air Correctional Facility. This is a holding facility for every teenager that commits a crime in the state of Virginia. Kevin has also ministered in the city jails on a regular basis, speaking to hundreds of inmates about the gospel of Jesus Christ.


National Youth Rally Coordinator/Unity – Kevin has been affiliated with citywide events in Richmond, VA, such as March for Jesus in 1996. During this time, he worked with various youth groups, encouraging their participation. As a result of the success in 1996, Kevin was asked to take the position of the youth task group leader for March for Jesus in 1997 and 1998 in the Richmond, VA, Tri-Cities area to encourage participation from local youth groups and help unify the churches.


Evangelism and Follow-up Organizer/Unity – In 1996, he helped organize and coordinate segments of the A.C. Green event (featuring former basketball pro A.C. Green) at the Arthur Ashe Center in Richmond, VA, in association with the Richmond Christian Medical and Dental Society. This event promoted the Abstinence Now Until Marriage program. Kevin was asked to head up and structure the follow-up strategy for this event, which had over 4,000 teenagers in attendance and 244 at the altars who gave their heart to Christ.


Advisor/Unity – In 1998, he was asked by the Christian Men’s Network to design and put together a “Youth Prison Pack” consisting of Dr. Edwin Louis Cole’s materials for use in youth correctional facilities.


Author/Unity – In 1996, Kevin wrote a manual dealing with strategies for youth ministry, which outlined the vision God had given him for helping bring unity in the body of Christ through the facilitating of local youth groups. National ministry leaders, Dr. Edwin Louis Cole, Rich Wilkerson, Glen Berteau, Danny Chambers, Dave Roever, Dr. James Anderson, and Bishop Wellington Boone joined with Kevin and contributed special messages in the manual. The manual has been introduced in 7 countries: Haiti, Switzerland, New Zealand, Singapore, Uganda, Australia and Peru, where pastors and youth leaders have utilized the strategies for discipling teens to Christ, encouraging church growth, and helping to foster unity among churches.


Co-pioneer/Unity – In 1995, Kevin co-pioneered the start-up of a ministry reaching out to pastors and their wives with author, pastor, and founder of Save America Ministries, Chuck Crismier, in an effort to foster unity among leaders.  This ministry, Pastor to Pastor, was in the homes of various pastors once a month.


Youth Pastor/Trainer – From 1999-2001, Kevin did the Wednesday night youth services (ages 13-19) at Living Word World Outreach Center. Then in 2000, he trained the new youth pastors prior to his move to Ft. Worth, Texas, in January 2001.


Education – In September 2001, Kevin attended the Believer’s Leadership School at Embracing His Grace Ministries and graduated in May of 2004.


Youth Pastor – In October of 2003 – 2005, under the direction of Pastor Stan Nixon, Kevin was asked to pioneer a new teen ministry as an extension of an already established adult ministry called Overcomers which dealt with people who had addictions of all types. As an extension of that ministry, the teen ministry called Overcomer Teens, ministered to the teens of these hurting parents as well as any other teen that desired to come and sit under the teaching of God’s Word.


Author/Unity – In 2009, Kevin began writing what would later be 7 books on unity in which he teaches the body of Christ what true unity in Christ is and what it is not, and how unity directly affects every Christian’s purpose and destiny. In each volume, Kevin deals with what believers need to do to fulfill the purpose and destiny that God has created them for. This current book, Every Christian’s Call, is volume 1 of this series.


John Maxwell Certified Coach/Speaker/Trainer – In August of 2016 Kevin became a John Maxwell certified coach, speaker and trainer with the John Maxwell Team, offering the leadership skills he learned, to leadership staffs in both businesses and churches alike. This focus is the teaching of biblical leadership principles, which both encourage and add value to everyone who is willing to experience the richness found in these training sessions.


Conference Speaker/Unity – Kevin not only speaks at conferences, but is also in the process of beginning his own conferences that are specifically geared toward teaching and informing the body of Christ what true unity in Christ is and what it is not. In these conferences, Kevin relates the biblical connection of unity in Christ to every individual’s God-given purpose and teaches how everyone can fulfill the destiny that God has divinely planned for them and called them to.


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As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer Kevin is also available to speak to church and business leadership staffs. For more information on having Kevin speak to your leaders about John Maxwell’s leadership principles, or to teach the Maxwell curriculums, go to

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